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How Closed-Working Chamber Machines Increase the Success Rate of IVF Procedure

The IVF or the test tube baby process is quite delicate, it takes a controlled environment, skilled hands and the right equipment to create a life in the lab. The closed working chambers fulfil the other two conditions and the skilled hands of an embryologist complete the process. 

Once the eggs are harvested, and sperm is collected, they are fertilized in a lab for IVF treatment. The labs have different temperatures than the mother’s womb, the lab may have some unseen chemicals that can come from perfumes, detergents or any other source. All these things can hinder the creation of an embryo and can even hamper the health of an embryo. 

This is when the closed working chambers come into the picture. 

Here is how the whole work gets done in these Lab Cell-I 

The harvested gametes (sperm & egg) are kept in this chamber. After that, the chamber is closed and the clean-gloved hands of an embryologist enter the chamber via two entry points.

Then the embryologist performs the whole fertilization process in that chamber with the help of advanced microscopes, well-placed lighting and a controlled environment. 

The benefits of closed working chambers for IVF are innumerable. The implantation rate, overall pregnancy rate, and successful births have increased significantly due to these chambers. These chambers are used for many IVF-related procedures like fertilization, embryo grading, ICSI (where single healthy sperm is injected into the egg to create an embryo) etc. They also give the embryo a good start in a comfortable environment that is exactly like the mother’s womb. This will help it implant easily in the womb when it will be transferred. Once implanted, it can grow like any naturally-conceived baby!

Closed-working chambers are game changers in assisted reproduction field. The controlled temperature (just like inside a human body), optimal gaseous proportions, humidity and pH maintenance are its USPs. It increases the chances of a successful pregnancy by helping the embryos thrive in a uterus.

Joyce IVF is equipped with such closed working chambers, as we never leave room for error. We know what a baby means to the couples who come to us for treatment. We strive hard to make their dream come true. You can book an appointment today; we are just a call away!


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