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Benefits of Using Closed Working Chamber in IVF

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A closed working chamber is the mother’s womb outside the womb. These chambers give the motherly environment to the embryos to help in their creation and make them grow into healthy embryos that lead to a successful pregnancy. There are various benefits of using closed working chambers in an IVF centre –

  • Mimics Women Womb – As the temperature of the closed working chamber is set at 37 degrees Celsius, just like the temperature of the lady’s womb, the chances of a healthy embryo formation increase many folds.
  • Air Purifier – The outside air is full of allergens, chemicals and pollution, whereas these closed chambers have HEPA air purifiers along with charcoal-based filters. It keeps the air clean and the gametes and embryos remain healthier and viable in most cases.
  • Free of VOC – VOC or volatile organic compounds are the chemicals present in various products such as detergents, perfumes, paints, varnishes etc. Exposure to these compounds can be harmful to the embryo, eggs and sperm health. The closed chambers keep these volatile compounds at bay.
  • Maintains the pH – The closed chambers for IVF procedures also add humidification to the environment inside the chamber. This helps maintain the pH of the liquid used to contain these gametes and their osmolarity (keeps the liquid content at optimum level). This contributes to the overall health of the embryos, eggs, and sperm that head for a better outcome.
  • Increased Pregnancy Rates – After controlling the environment of the IVF lab in case of VOC, air purification etc, the blastocyst formation rate improved by 18% (source). The implantation, live birth and successful pregnancy rates improve significantly as well.
  • Carbon dioxide and Oxygen Levels Maintained – In the closed working chambers, the CO2 rates are fixed at 6% and O2 levels at 5%, just like the internal human body. Providing the optimal environment for growth and health of the embryo.
  • Protects Egg from Thermal Shock – As the egg is retrieved from the womb, it can go into thermal shock due to the temperature difference between the outer environment and the uterus. The enclosed working chambers protect the eggs from going into that shock by providing the same temperature as the uterus.
  • Helps the Embryos Grow into Blastocysts – The blastocyst is an embryo over 4 days old and is ready for transfer. The blastocyst transfer is performed in IVF to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. These closed-working chambers increase the IVF success rate in this case as well.


In other words, the closed-working chambers are the game changers in IVF. When a couple is opting for IVF treatment, an IVF centre must keep all the care and take all the measures necessary to increase their chances of having a baby. Joyce IVF provides just that with its state-of-the-art closed working chambers.

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