Sperm donation

Donated sperm is useful for couples when there is no possibility of retrieving sperms naturally or by a surgical procedure. These sperms can be used for IUI and IVF procedure. Donor sperm should be taken from registered sperm banks which have screened the samples for infections and common genetic disorders.

Who may need to avail sperm donation?

  • Women premature menopause
  • Couples with a genetic disease
  • Women whose ovaries affected by disease or illness
  • IVF failure

Egg donation

Who may need to avail egg donation?

  • Women with advanced age who have low quality and quantity of eggs
  • Women with reproductive problems such as ovarian failure
  • Couples with IVF failure
  • Women with genetic diseases that they do not want to pass on to the child

What is the procedure of egg donation?

The process of egg donation starts with the selection of a donor. This donor can be anonymous or known person. The donor is approved after a series of medical and genetic screenings.

The donor’s ovaries are stimulated by a stimulation regimen to produce multiple eggs. These eggs are used for IVF or ICSI. The fertilized embryo is placed inside the woman trying to conceive.

Embryo transfer

Some couples have infertility issues in both partners. Such couples can opt for embryo adoption. The donation is usually done via anonymous donors. The adopted embryos are placed in the uterus of the woman who is trying to conceive.

The child will not be a genetic child of the couple but will still be their biological child

What are the success rates of donation?

The success rates can vary according to the age of the donor, and the number and quality of donated eggs and embryos.

Please consider counseling with your doctor to understand the implications of conceiving via donation.

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