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Closed Working Chambers: The Game Changers in IVF Success

Closed Working Chambers The Game Changers in IVF Success

A closed working chamber is a machine in which the eggs, sperm and embryo can be kept in the test tubes and all test-tube baby procedures can be carried out without any risk of infection and error.

These advanced working chambers enable embryologists to work in a controlled environment to enhance positive pregnancy results. In simple terms, a closed working chamber is an incubator that gives the embryo the same environment as a womb.

This machine has a microclimate in it, a set temperature, a humidifier, clean air and no volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well. This is like a chamber of ‘all things good’.

As a naturally conceived embryo in the female body is not exposed to any chemicals or temperature differences inside, the closed working chamber provides exactly the same environment to the test tube baby.

These chambers are really useful in increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy and also help the test tube baby thrive.

Read about the benefits of closed working chambers for IVF.

How the closed-working chambers are game-changers in IVF?

  • Increase the chances of a positive pregnancy after an embryo transfer
  • Helps in increasing the chances of fertilization and the creation of an embryo
  • Aids in the growth of the embryo to help it reach the blastocyst stage (5 days old embryo)
  • Keeps the embryo healthy
  • Prevents any accidents or spills that are likely to occur in an open environment
  • Protects the eggs, sperm and embryos from the chemicals or volatile compounds present in the open environment that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Due to the controlled infection-free environment of the closed working chambers, the embryologists can work with ease and utmost precision with perfect lighting
  • The chances of error decrease multifold as compared to an open workstation
  • Gives just the right amount of humidity in the chamber just like in the womb of a lady.

These features provide the perfect environment to handle the body genomes and gametes like eggs, sperm, and embryo thereby increasing the chances of a successful IVF. This makes the closed working chambers necessary for successful IVF treatments.

In spite of being so useful for the whole IVF process, closed working chambers are not common even in the best IVF centres in Delhi. Joyce IVF is proud to have the perfect closed working chambers in its IVF centres to make sure that we give our patients their best shot for a successful pregnancy.

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