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What Do Embryologist Do?: IVF Heroes at Work

What do Embryologist Do - IVF HEROES at work - Best IVF Centre in Northern India - IVF Near me Delhi

Embryologists are the trained professionals responsible for everything, from choosing the best sperm and egg to fertilize, creating, and taking care of embryos until transfer.

On this World Embryologist Day, we want to shed some light on the tireless efforts of all embryologists and their rewarding results as well.

Their job is crucial as their failure can cost the would-be parents their future pregnancy. The steady hands that handle the most delicate and intricate human structures, the ones that can create life, are embryologists. These unsung heroes are the real miracle workers behind the whole IVF process.

What do Embryologists Do?

Retrieving Egg from the follicular fluid 

In the first step of the IVF process, the mature follicle is punctured, and the fluid is retrieved from it by the clinician. This fluid is then taken to the Embryology lab and the eggs are taken from it by the embryologist.

Choosing the Right Sperm for Fertilization or ICSI

When the semen sample is collected, the seminal fluid and sperm are both present in it. The embryologist then washes this sample and extracts the sperm from it. The ICSI technique is used to find one healthy sperm from the semen sample to fertilize the egg. A qualified and skilled embryologist performs this task and provides a good result.

Create a life by IVF

Yes, the embryologist creates a life utilizing an embryo in the IVF lab. Once the egg and sperm are harvested, fertilization is done in the lab. The embryos are created, and they are kept for 2-3 days (or 5-6 days in the case of blastocyst culture) so that they can be transferred when required.

Freezing Sperm/Egg/Embryos for Future Use

For those patients who wish to get their sperm, eggs, and embryos frozen for future use, the embryologist performs the vitrification process meticulously to keep the embryos frozen until transfer.

Laser Assisted Hatching

This technique increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. In this carefully performed procedure, the outer layer of the embryo is made slightly thin. This helps it get implanted in the uterus easily. This is performed using an ultramodern laser by an embryologist.

Making the Embryos Ready and Transfer them into the Uterus

To prepare for transfer, the embryos are assessed with utmost precision, and the best ones are selected and transferred to increase the chances of getting implanted, resulting in a successful pregnancy. In the case of frozen embryos, they are thawed and then prepared for transfer.

How Important is an Embryologist’s Role in IVF?

Whether it’s egg retrieval or embryo transfer, Embryologists are the professionals who take care of your fertility and strive to make your parenthood dream come true.

So, the job of an embryologist is quite stressful, with no room for error. The embryologist’s failure can be the patient’s failure too.

This is why our embryologists at Joyce IVF always make sure that the IVF lab is always highly functional, that all incubators work well, and that everyone works at their best potential to give our patients a fair chance of a successful pregnancy.

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